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Sunday, Sep. 29, ’13: Chest, Back, Abs

Man, I hate when I miss a day of training, but at least I can usually live with that as a bonus recovery day. Missing three days, on the other hand, can drive a guy crazy! I had to work away from my office from Wednesday through Friday last week, and it just so happened that the schedule was altered each of those days, making it necessary for me to leave 3 hours earlier than planned, and get home later as well. Hence my first Sunday workout in years, but the excitement of my new gym setup played a big part in that…

Chest: Incline presses (5×50,40,30,20,10 + X Reps); Flat flyes (3×15,12,10 + X Reps)
Back: Bent-over rows (5×50,40,30,20,10); Pullovers (3×12,10,8 + X Reps)
Abs: Knee ups (3×20 + X Reps), Full-range crunches (3×20 + X Fade)

Note: My current program is based on the NEW–>4X and Super TORQ techniques, plus various intensity techniques from Beyond X.

Summary: Plans change, and sometimes that can really tick you off. Then again, maybe a few days of missing workouts is a good thing in this case, as I was so amped to train that I did it on a Sunday morning. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the PowerBlock set I’ve been lusting over showed up on Saturday. I never expected to be this riled up about training at home, but the convenience and fact that I can create my own training environment really seems to have stoked a new fire in me. Cooling weather helps, too, as I’m a big fan of cold-weather training. Having a basement gym should help in that arena quite a bit come winter.

Training was great today! That was guaranteed after missing a few days, but using real weights at home blew it through the roof. I followed my Super TORQ rounds with modified 4X. They were 3X sets with 30 seconds of rest, but I just had to use some weight, so the reps were actually to failure on each set. That made for a nice Sunday morning celebration. Best chest and back workout in close to a month!

PowerBlock U-90