Here’s Your Testosterone Fix

Male silhouette - Here's Your Testosterone Fix

Testosterone levels have always started to dip as men age, but in the over-40 crowd, low-T levels are becoming a big problem. Luckily, there is a testosterone fix that doesn’t involve expensive—and potentially dangerous—testosterone replacement therapy.

It’s a scary truth, but low testosterone is becoming an epidemic for men in their 40s, and it gets even worse as you get into your 50s, 60s, or 70s. And I’m not talking about the normal and expected decrease in hormone production… Men’s T levels have been demolished in recent decades. This is because of ever-increasing stress levels, exposure to phytoestrogens, and other emasculating factors in modern life. [Read more…]


Tuesday, Jan. 7, ’14: Back, Biceps

Looks like we’re getting a heat wave today! Temperatures are going to jump up to the mid-30s. As with many things in life, it’s all perspective. Great workout, and strength is still on the rise. Weights that were previously tough were relatively easy, so the selector on the PowerBlock set has been moving more than usual…

Back: DB rows (3 x 10, 9, 8 + X Reps); Bent-arm bent-over laterals (4 x 10, 9, 8, 10(Xcel) + X Fade); Undergrip rows (4 x 10, 8, 7, 10(Xcel) + X Reps); DB shrugs (3 x 12, 12, 11 + X Reps) 
Biceps: DB curls (3 x 10, 8, 6(10) last set was a drop); Concentration curls (3 x 10, 8, 7(9) + X Fade-last set was a drop); Alternate hammer curls (3 x 9, 8, 7)

Note: My current PowerBlock gym program is based on the Phase 1 workout in the NEW Super-Size Crash Course e-book.

Summary: While I haven’t trained specifically for strength in over a decade, it still feels good when weights that are normally heavy start to feel lighter. The pump was rather impressive for a Power day, too, so something seems to be working. Strength on Hammer curls, for instance, was higher than it’s ever been. That’s not a horrible feeling, but it’s just too bad that strength doesn’t always equate to muscle gains. We shall see.