Fix Your Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain E-bookAnyone who has spent enough time in the gym has inevitably come into some issues with shoulder pain.  Whether from bad form or bad exercises, the reason doesn’t necessarily matter… The pain sucks.

Chances are that you probably avoid certain exercises because they cause nagging shoulder pain.  You’re not alone. It turns out that close to 40% of all resistance training injuries affect the shoulder area, making it the #1 injury by a longshot.

Those numbers only represent the people who went to the doctor about their problems. If you just have an annoying ache, you could be headed  on a downward spiral if you don’t take action to keep your shoulders healthy. 

Exercise Physiologist Rick Kaselj, MS  is the go-to guy for athletes who want to get back to pain-free workouts rather than being told, “Don’t do what hurts.”  That advice only works in the short-term anyway, and too many people ignore it when they think it’s an exercise that works regardless of their pain. 

Rick is the guy who teaches other fitness professionals the newest techniques to help their own clients. He’s given over 315 live presentations to over 6065 health and fitness professionals across Canada and the USA.

Mike Westerdal, CPT—best selling fitness author and former sufferer of shoulder pain—and Rick have teamed up to release a brand new system called Fix My Shoulder Pain.

It’s not designed for inactive people, but rather it was created specifically for people who want to get back to their high-intensity workouts without being told by the doctor that they need to find a new hobby. 

The “Traditional Shoulder Pain Model” involves endless cycles of appointments, investigations, stretching and strengthening, but after having hundreds of his clients follow that model with minimal success, Rick needed to find a new model that breaks with tradition and moves clients from painful shoulders to pain-free shoulders.

This led to the creation of his trademarked SR3 Method (Shoulder Reshaping 3-part Method) which is based on one key concept: Reshaping your shoulder from a painful shoulder joint to a pain-free shoulder joint, and that’s what Fix My Shoulder Pain is all about. 

If you have any kind of shoulder pain, this is definitely worth getting. If you could learn just one technique that gives you some relief, it would pay for itself immediately.  With this, however, you learn more than that and you’ll feel like you used to before your shoulder started acting up.  

Rather than just stretching and strengthening, which only provides temporary relief, Rick’s methods actually reconstruct the shoulder joint from the outside and inside.

Fix My shoulder Pain utilizing the SR3 Method is the first shoulder-injury-repair system to help you get back to pain-free workouts by focusing on alignment, tissue quality and activation & endurance.  

Yes, the info page for this ebook and all of its freebies is pretty long, but you can just scroll down to the order button once you’ve gotten a feel for what they’re offering.  Your shoulders will thank you!