HJC Si-12: Lightweight Brain Bucket


As the saying goes, “How much is your head worth?” Don’t skimp on the safety equipment.

More often than not, expiration dates on safety gear can be a real pain. Sometimes, however, they can be a blessing in disguise. [Read more…]


Porsche Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle

Official 2012 Zombie Apocalypse VehicleIn life, you can never be too safe.  I guess the same goes for death, especially with the pending zombie apocalypse of 2012.  For those with the resources (i.e. too much money), Rogue Engineering has pioneered the way to escape the walking dead… In style! [Read more…]


Curves: Soulful Driving

Dream RoadsWhile there’s no hiding the fact that I love cars, it’s not always just the mechanical, technological, aural, or aesthetic attributes I love most.  In fact, depending on the car, any one of those aspects falls a distant second to the one thing I love most about cars… Driving them. [Read more…]


Maxxis RC-1: Fast Track On a Budget

Maxxis RC-1

The new Maxxis RC-1 race & track day tire.

Thanks to friends at SCTS Racing in SoCal, I was able to test a shockingly good tire recently.  It was a set of the new-to-the-track-scene Maxxis Victra RC-1 tires.

If the pricing information that we’ve heard is correct, the Maxxis RC-1 should quickly become the track day tire of choice once officially released.  They’ll likely become the race tire of choice, too, for those who are looking for a great combination of grip, predictability, longevity and budget-friendly pricing. [Read more…]


Carbon Fiber Seats for Your Man Cave

While it may not look like the most comfortable office chair in the world, if I ever put a nice table in the man cave, it’s absolutely going to be surrounded with a few of these carbon fiber seats from GruppeM. [Read more…]


GRAND-AM: No Place Like Home

Kansas Speedway recently finished up testing at their new road course and just announced that the trio of GRAND-AM Road Racing, Rolex Sports Car Series and Continental Sports Car Challenge Series will lay down their first layer of rubber the weekend of Aug. 16-17, 2013.  

Anyone who’s experienced August in the Midwest will appreciate the fact that this will occur under the lights.  

Sports car racing at night and KC BBQ?  I’m there!


Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

Panamera Sport Turismo

With its release in 2009, the Porsche Panamera was a bit of a shocker to many.  A great concept on paper, but not the ultimate execution in the looks department.  It’s always been a car which looks better in person than in photographs, but it never had quite the automotive sex appeal that its numbers deserved. [Read more…]