Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

Panamera Sport Turismo

With its release in 2009, the Porsche Panamera was a bit of a shocker to many.  A great concept on paper, but not the ultimate execution in the looks department.  It’s always been a car which looks better in person than in photographs, but it never had quite the automotive sex appeal that its numbers deserved.

Fast forward to the 2012 Paris Auto Show and the Germans have managed to drop a car bomb on us that’s sure to change everything in the world of high-end sedans, at least from an aesthetic standpoint.  It appears that the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo will be powered by a 416-horsepower supercharged V6 and small electric motor.  That’s right, not only is it the best looking “wagon” of all times, but it will also be a hybrid.  

Beyond just the potential power output, though, it’s a stunner with its proportions.  It’s hands-down better looking than any sport wagon currently on the market and could quite possibly take the #1 spot in luxury sports sedans as well.  There doesn’t seem to be an unfavorable angle on it.

We’re looking forward to more details as they roll out and already looking forward to the first time we see one on the road.