Healthy Coffee – With Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber

Most avid coffee drinkers, myself included, will tend to concentrate on the potential health benefits of coffee rather than any of the potential negatives.  As with most things in life, of course, moderation is key, so it’s not a topic most of us often worry about. 

Of course, the more coffee you drink, the less likely you are to even acknowledge any negative effects, as you simply enjoy drinking it.  Regardless, some people who do enjoy it can sometimes have to cut back or quit altogether because of the acidic nature of coffee and its uncomfortable effects on the digestive system.

I’m lucky enough to never have been bothered by the acidity.  Frankly, aside from a few people I’ve heard complain in the past, I’ve never even even noticed it.  That is until I recently sampled some HealthSMART coffee.

My main reason for even wanting to try HealthSMART coffee was because of the nutritional claims.  Their site states that the TechnoRoasting technique they use seals in minerals, B-vitamins, antioxidants and even dietary fiber.  The fiber alone was enough reason for me to give it a try, but all the minerals and vitamins are a big selling point, too.

That same TechnoRoasting technique is what neutralizes the acidity, and it’s noticeable to my surprise.  As I mentioned, I’ve never noticed it before, but it stood out when trying this coffee.  The overall flavor of the HealthSMART coffee is pretty good.  It’s got a noticeably earthy taste up front, but that fades away to a nice light- to medium-roast flavor.  It’s after that initial earthiness where you expect the normal acidity to set in, but it never does.  I’d say it has a nice, clean finish.  For anyone who wants to get back into coffee drinking, but has had to stop because of issues with acidity, this is definitely worth a try.  They do offer sample packets you can order to see if it works for you.

The only caveat would be the price.  It’s not an inexpensive coffee by any stretch of the imagination.  Of course, once you factor in the fact that it’s a truly healthy coffee, with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, it’s not as hard to swallow… Literally.  Plus, 12 ounces of the HealthSMART coffee can make more than 136 cups of coffee (that’s your standard 6-ounce coffee cup) compared to about 30 to 90 cups of other brands.

Made only with 100% organic Arabica beans (not blended with any lower-quality beans), it’s also USDA certified, Kosher, Fair Trade and even endorsed by the Vatican and, more importantly, Suzanne Somers (ha!).   It not only tastes good but also offers 4-22% of several key vitamins and minerals, plus fiber, per 16-ounce cup. That’s much closer to my mug size than 6-oz.  It’s a winner in the battle of healthy coffee, particularly for those with heartburn who miss their morning caffeine buzz.

It will likely be available in certain stores soon, and I’ll update once I learn which ones (available now on Amazon).