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I was first introduced to Ron Dunn in the early-2000s when I was with Iron Man Magazine.  His “Arnold Cali” illustration was the first one of his pieces I’d seen and it’s still one of my favorite Iron Man covers to date.  It turns out I’m not alone in my fondness for his work, as Arnold Schwarzenegger himself liked that piece so much he bought the original from Ron, as well as one other from the IM posters.

Art has always been a passion and dominated Ron’s life since his humble beginnings of drawing Fred Flintstone and muscle cars at age 4 back in rural Missouri. Ron gave up his position as an art director in St. Louis in 2003 and headed West to Los Angeles to pursue life as a real artist and that’s how I was lucky enough to meet him.

Ron’s work is an impressive explosion of pop art.  He masterfully combines classic portraiture, graphic advertising elements, celebrity, kitsch and humor. You can often find hidden themes and underlying elements in his work and while many pieces are light-hearted, often poking fun at various aspects of celebrity, advertising and pop culture in general, his celebrity portraits are sometimes used as props or metaphors throughout his work.  

Beyond just art for the sake of art, Ron does a full range of graphic design work and he played a key role in helping with the branding look of  After just a little bit of conversation he was able to come up with a few fantastic logo design options, including the final one you see at the top of these pages.    

Below is a small sampling of some of his work… Art for Guys Who Like Art.  Enjoy!


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  1. Barb Goodson says

    What an awesome artist!!!