Detour Lean Muscle

Detour Lean MuscleAnyone with goals of building a better body knows very well that it can get tough to maintain proper nutrition, especially while on the go.

Protein and meal replacement powders (MRPs) have been around longer than I can remember.  Most of the protein powders available 20 years ago were downright gag-worthy, though.  To say that they’ve come along way with regard to portability is a huge understatement.  

The idea of taking powder with you everywhere was always a nuisance, too, let alone the weird looks you’d get when pulling out a small bag of white powder.  Then came shaker bottles to add to the convenience, but within the last several years, companies have come up with pre-made shakes in ready-to-drink (RTD) packaging. 

Protein bars from years past were pretty disgusting, too, and the ones that tasted good happened to have very little nutritional value, let alone having just trace amounts of protein.  I remember working at some fitness expos 10-15 years ago when companies starting touting their new breakthrough bars that actually tasted like candy bars.  Sure enough, a couple of them actually pulled it off, and Detour was one of them.  I remember the spokesperson saying that it tasted exactly like a Snickers.  Well, I didn’t necessarily agree with that bold statement, but it was still the best tasting protein bar up to that point, and they still continue to make some of the best tasting bars available.

Their original Caramel Peanut Detour protein bar is now available in a Lower Sugar version, which tastes almost exactly like the original, but with half the sugar and 10 fewer calories per 3-ounce bar.  Even better than that, however, is their Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch Lean Muscle bar, which has even less sugar, but more protein and fat, so it’s about 80 more calories.  With the additional protein and added vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids, however, it’s worth the extra calories in my opinion.  Plus, I just like the flavor better anyway… no doubt because of the added fat, I’m sure.

While I’m a big proponent of eating solid “real” food meals whenever possible, it’s always best to be prepared with something you can take with you.  It doesn’t hurt that there are now products like these which also happen to be quite good.  The Peanut Butter Chocolate Lean Muscle Bar is so good that I crave it now even when I don’t “need” to eat.  

  Lower Sugar Bar Lean Muscle Bar  Lean Muscle Shake
 Calories  340  420 260
 Total Fat  10g  18g 9g
 Total Carb  33g
(5g sugar, 24g sugar alcohol
(3g sugar, 17g sugar alcohol)
(6g sugar)
 Protein  30g  32g 32g