Maxxis RC-1: Fast Track On a Budget

Maxxis RC-1

The new Maxxis RC-1 race & track day tire.

Thanks to friends at SCTS Racing in SoCal, I was able to test a shockingly good tire recently.  It was a set of the new-to-the-track-scene Maxxis Victra RC-1 tires.

If the pricing information that we’ve heard is correct, the Maxxis RC-1 should quickly become the track day tire of choice once officially released.  They’ll likely become the race tire of choice, too, for those who are looking for a great combination of grip, predictability, longevity and budget-friendly pricing.

Maxxis RC-1 Size Chart

Initial size offerings for the Maxxis RC-1 tires.

During testing in a heavy 3,700-lb car, I was impressed by the overall level of grip. Although we were short on time to prepare for the weekend of testing and thus unable to get a track alignment done in time, there was never a hint of understeer (that wasn’t driver-induced anyway). As confidence levels grew, and a bit more slip angle was introduced,  the Maxxis RC-1s were incredibly predictable and extremely easy to control.

Watch for these to be seen on many fast cars at future events.