Delts, Midback, Biceps, Forearms

Friday morning was our tax-day appointment, so I got so wound up with that that I forgot to post a blog. No forgetting to write about today’s workout, though. Swole patrol was on duty. LOL…

Delts: DB upright rows (3×15,12,8 + X Reps); Seated laterals (1×12 + X Reps) ss Wide DB upright rows (1×12 + X Reps); Standing DB presses (1×12 + X Reps); Seated DB presses (1×10 + X Reps); Incline one-arm laterals (1×12 + X Reps) ss Leaning one-arm laterals (1×8 + X Reps); Bent-over laterals–drop set (1×10(7) + X top)
Midback: Chest-supported DB rows (2×12,10 + X Reps); Bent-arm bent-over laterals–drop set (1×12(8) + X Reps); Forward-lean shrugs (1×15 + X Reps) ss Shrugs (1×15 + X Fade)
Biceps: Standing DB curls (2×12,10 + X Reps); Concentration curls–drop set (1×12(8) + X Reps); One-arm spider curls (1×12 + X Fade)
Forearms: Incline hammer curls (1×10 + X Reps) ss Standing close-grip hammer curls (1×8 + X Reps); Reverse wrist curls–drop set (1×12(8) + X Reps); Wrist curls–drop set (1×12(8) + X Reps); Forearm rockers (1×15 + X Reps)
Note: My current PowerBlock gym split is based on the X-Rep Mass-Detail Workout in the Ultimate Mass Workout e-book.

Summary: Lots of blood flow and plenty of pump. This is probalby the longest day of the three on this split, but that doesn’t mean it’s long. Still no problem getting it all out in under an hour with time to spare. Delts are getting a much needed extended blast, and biceps are responding surprisingly well to relatively low volume. Forearms have been underworked for a while – strength is fine, but the burn is almost unbearable, and the pump is so intense that it almost hurts. In a good way, of course.
Diet, Supplements & Nutrient Timing: For meal-by-meal diets plus training and nutrition info, see the X-treme Lean e-book.