Back, Delts, Biceps, Abs (great one!)

Another great one! Plus, our internet was down for a bit this morning, so it “forced” me to go back to my old, earlier training time. It actually works better this way anyway, so it was a welcome problem…

Back: Undergrip chins (3×12 + X Reps); Pullovers (2×15,10); Behind-the-neck chins (3×10 + X Reps); One-arm DB rows (2×14,12); Bent-over bent-arm laterals (2×14,12 + X Reps); Forward-lean shrugs (1×20 + X Reps)
Delts: DB upright rows (3×30,20,15 + X Reps); Incline one-arm laterals (2×12,10 + X Reps); Lateral raises (2×15,12 + X Reps)
Biceps: DB curls (3×30,20,15); Incline DB curls (1×12 + X Reps); Concentration curls (2×15,12 + X Reps)
Forearms: DB wrist curls (2×15,10); Reverse DB wrist curls (2×15,12)
Abs: Full-range crunches (3×30,20,15)—last set ss with Planks (1×60 seconds)
Note: My current PowerBlock gym split is based on the Phase 2 workout in the Size Surge Workout e-book plus TORQ sequences from the 4X Mass Workout 2.0 e-book.

Summary: Outstanding weather and an outstanding workout. The only thing that would’ve made it better is if I had been able to open the gym window for some fresh air. No, there was nothing wrong with the window, but our dog has decided that his new bathroom is right outside of that window. I’ll take stale basement air over that any day. LOL! Strength was great, and so was the pump. I’ll probably start using some rep-speed variations from SSCC to add to the variety. Despite the back work, forearms have felt a bit ignored, so I added direct work back into the mix. Felt great, and added to the lower-arm vascularity, which always helps with the pre-summer motivation.
Diet, Supplements & Nutrient Timing: For meal-by-meal diets plus training and nutrition info, see the X-treme Lean e-book.