Back, Delts, Biceps, Abs (time to eat)

Great workout! Everything felt perfect, but I had the sudden realization that it’s time to eat! I’m lucky to still have good strength and to still be getting an impressive pump. One of the joys of working at home is that you have easy access to your kitchen at all times. One of the drawbacks, however, is that it’s depressingly easy to forget meals. Time to get back to using an alarm clock as a reminder to eat…

Back: Undergrip chins (3×12 + X Reps); Pullovers (2×15,10); Behind-the-neck chins (3×10 + X Reps); One-arm DB rows (2×12,8); Bent-over bent-arm laterals (2×14,12 + X Reps); Forward-lean shrugs (1×20 + X Reps)
Delts: DB upright rows (3×30,20,15 + X Reps); Incline one-arm laterals (2×12,10 + X Reps); Lateral raises (1×20 + X Reps)
Biceps: DB curls (3×30,20,15); Incline DB curls (1×12 + X Reps); Concentration curls (2×15,10 + X Reps)
Abs: Full-range crunches (3×30,20,15)—last set ss with Planks (1×60 seconds)
Note: My current PowerBlock gym split is based on the Phase 2 workout in the Size Surge Workout e-book plus TORQ sequences from the 4X Mass Workout 2.0 e-book.

Summary: This incredibly nice weather means that we’ve been shedding the layers of clothing, and yesterday was the first time I’ve worn a T-shirt since September. Aside from just being pasty white from not having been in the sun for so long, I noticed that, despite my workouts being great, I’m looking like a reduced-size version of myself. Sure, being sick for 1.5 weeks wouldn’t have helped, but I wasn’t sick to my stomach at all… I saw myself in the mirror and realized that I’m simply not eating enough. I have a feeling that getting myself back up to my normal macronutrient levels will blast me into decent shape in no time. Just funny to realize how easy it’s been to miss meals when there’s a stocked kitchen right below me, but I’ll blame the multiple shirts I’ve been wearing every day for the illusion of size. LOL
Diet, Supplements & Nutrient Timing: For meal-by-meal diets plus training and nutrition info, see the X-treme Lean e-book.