Legs, Chest, Triceps (Snowtime Training)

Saturday morning snowtime training session. Good times! Finally some snow again to cover our ugly brown lawn. I can handle the snow, as it’s a good excuse for outdoor fun, but I’ve had about enough of the cold-with-no-snow parts of this winter. Moving on…

Quads: Squats (3×30,20,15); Sissy squats (1×15 + X Reps)
Hamstrings: Stiff-legged deadlifts (3×30,20,15); Leg curls (1×18)
Calves: Donkey calf raises (3×50,40,30 + X Reps); One-legged calf raises (1×15 + X Reps)
Chest: Incline DB presses (3×30,20,15 + X Reps); DB flyes (1×12 + X Reps)
Triceps: Lying extensions (3×30,20,15); Bench dips (1×18)
Note: My current PowerBlock gym split is based on the Phase 2 workout in the Size Surge Workout e-book plus TORQ sequences from the 4X Mass Workout 2.0 e-book.

Summary: It was a good workout overall. Heck, I was able to do squats for the first time in a couple of months, it seems. I was in slow-mo, however, and not sure why. Could’ve been because it was Saturday morning and I didn’t feel rushed, or maybe it was just the 30,20,15 sequence on squats. The more I think about it, that might have been it. LOL! Those burned like crazy, but felt incredible. My lungs had trouble keeping up, though. Pump was great across all bodyparts, and you can see I decreased the chest work a bit. Lower pecs have been responding fine, but uppers are looking flat again, so this an attempt at focus more than anything else. Now, time to see if there’s enough snow on the ground to try and keep up with my 5-year old boy.
Diet, Supplements & Nutrient Timing: For meal-by-meal diets plus training and nutrition info, see the X-treme Lean e-book.