Project E36 M3 – Part 1

Project E36 M3 - Part 1

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Project E36 M3: Part 1 – Taming the Wobbly Beast

I started reading all the hype on the BMW E36 M3 back in 1995, and I was immediately enthralled by what was considered the “Best Handling Car at Any Price” by many in the automotive press.  In 1997 my obsession got so great that I started stalking the local BMW dealership, and in late-1998 I went on my first test drive.  After a long and painful courtship, my dreams became reality in July of 1999, as I managed to get one of the final production models, and I haven’t looked back since.

Well, that’s not entirely true, as I have had a couple other cars in between, but I keep coming back, and the Cosmos black M3 you see in the photo above is my 4th E36 M3 in the past 14 years, so it’s pretty safe to say that I’m a bit of an addict.  With this one, however, I’ve got the opportunity to take everyone along with me on this project car journey with

E36 Rear Trailing Arm Bushing removalWith some new-found strategies for bushing removal, Part 1 – Taming the Wobbly Beast is mostly about the quick and dirty rehab the car needed.  Some much-needed care was given to the bushings of the mostly-stock suspension, as well as upgrading those bushings to something a bit more robust than the regular stock units.  We also got rid of the staggered factory wheel setup and moved to a “square” set of 17×8.5″ factory rear wheels on all four corners, and wrapped them in the ridiculously good Michelin Pilot Super Sports.

Rogue Engineering front control arm bushingsThe Rogue Engineering front control arm bushings (pictured above) and their rear trailing arm bushings helped to put the car back to feeling better than new on the street and on track, but why stop there?  Follow the series of articles to follow the upgrade path.


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