Adidas adiRacer: World’s Greatest Shoe?

Adidas adiRacer Driving and Casual ShoeOkay, so maybe declaring the Adidas adiRacers to be the world’s greatest shoes might be a stretch, but in my world they are exactly that.  I’m not what would be considered a “shoe whore,” but when it comes to my adiRacers, I might just have a problem.

I currently have 5 pairs of these, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another pair, let alone another few pairs.  These shoes are the perfect fit (pun intended) for just about everything I do.  I picked up my first pair simply because I was looking for a driving shoe which was both decent looking and comfortable for long track days when full Nomex gear isn’t required.  Then I started wearing them absolutely everywhere.

The first two pairs I got were suede, so they’re incredibly comfortable, but they’re not exactly the best choice when you happen to get them a bit dirty.  My other 3 pairs are all-leather, but mostly because I can no longer find the suede versions available anywhere.  


The main reason I ever picked up my first pair of these shoes was for track days.  I wanted something which wasn’t too wide to prevent proper rev-matching and that allowed good pedal feel, but also had enough cushion for walking around all day on hard–and often hot–pavement.  These meet all of my criteria perfectly, and they’re actually a better driving shoe than my Sparco racing shoes. 

As an added bonus, they look the part.  With a Good Year logo on the side and the Good Year winged foot on the back, as well as an über-cool Good Year rain tire tread pattern on the bottom, they’ve got driving shoe written all over them.  Plus, they’ve got faux carbon fiber inserts on the side and back.  With the wet-weather tread pattern, I can happily state that I haven’t hydroplaned across the paddock even once in the last several years of wearing these.


Sure, style is a subjective thing, but anyone who doesn’t agree that these look better than any other casual shoe is just plain wrong.  Whether you’re at a race track, watching a race at someone’s house, enjoying an outdoor BBQ, playing with your kid(s) in a park, grocery shopping, at a concert or even at work on casual Friday, there simply is no better shoe choice.  Not that I’m biased or anything.


Don’t push your luck.  Trust me.  I’ve tried one too many times to wear these to to nice events, and I’ve gotten “the look” from my wife enough times to know not to try anymore.  If you’re going somewhere you can wear jeans or khakis, however, chances are you can get away with these. 

Most of the time, however, these are the perfect shoes for just about anything.  Flashing back to the years when Run DMC ruled the world, with my Adidas adiRacers I “walk through concert doors and roam all over coliseum floors”—plus grocery stores,  and anywhere else my wife tells me to go.


adidas Originals - adiRacer Lo Leather - Metallic (Black/White/Metallic Silver) - Footwear


Carbon Fiber Seats for Your Man Cave

While it may not look like the most comfortable office chair in the world, if I ever put a nice table in the man cave, it’s absolutely going to be surrounded with a few of these carbon fiber seats from GruppeM.

GruppeM is well known for high-end, hand-built carbon fiber intakes, titanium exhausts and some very nice aero pieces, but now they seem to have just created a whole new level of home furnishings for the ultimate man cave.  Not just a standard looking chair made of carbon, they took it to another level by styling them as racing seats.

The body and base are made of real hand-crafted carbon fiber —not an overlay—with a nice wrap-around effect for all those lateral Gs you might experience at the table.  Whether eating, drinking, playing cards or watching an F1 race,  support is always a good thing.

The chair is one solid piece, and while it’s made of a hard resin, it’s designed to feel both warm and “soft,” by their description.  No luck convincing them to send one to my “lab” for testing, unfortunately.  

As with their carbon intakes, the seats are completely handmade with serial number plates.  Shipping is direct from Japan, so you can’t just go pick them up, but the 2-4 week wait would be worth it.