Verrückt: Water Slide For The Insane

Verrückt Water Slide Death View

The view from the top of Verrückt. That’s 168 feet and 7 inches of thrills.

It’s hard to believe that Verrückt, the world’s tallest water slide, finally opened at Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas City this week. Delays had it looking like the attraction might never open, but it’s definitely not one of those rides you’d want to rush the opening of—nor one that I’d ever volunteer to be first on. It’s open now, however, and despite what the internet would lead you to believe, not a single life has been lost.

Having driven by the water park with my family, it never looked all that ominous from a distance during development. Photographs and videos give a very different vibe, though.  I had first thought it was a single person water slide, and then heard that you’d actually be on a raft.  In my mind, I was thinking of a giant inner tube, which sounded slightly better than the high-colonic solo version.  Having seen the 3-person raft now, however, I’m not nearly as hesitant about the idea. Or maybe it’s because my 4-year old son saw it and said that he wants me to ride it. I can’t exactly say no to that.

Verruckt Water Slide Comparison

The world’s tallest water slide! If the thought of going off the edge of Niagra Falls on a raft sounds like your idea of fun, Verrückt may just be the ride for you.

We live relatively close to Schlitterbahn, so I’ve put out an open invitation to our close friends across the country. If any of them really want to make the trip out to be scared to death on a water slide that’s taller than Niagra Falls or the Statue of Liberty, then they can stay with us for a night—and for their final meal.